7 Everyday Tonics that Help Your Body Adjust to Stress and Anxiety

7 Everyday Tonics that Help Your Body Adjust to Stress and Anxiety

We’ve all been there — feeling like there’s just some pep missing in our step. Thankfully, there’s a natural (and tasty!) solution in your pantry.

We’re big fans of brewing up healthy concoctions, whether it’s immune-boosting mushroom “coffee” or insomnia-fighting bedtime milk.

So instead of reaching for that third cup of coffee for an energy boost or a nightcap to de-stress, we rounded up seven natural tonics filled with everyday ingredients that are known as powerful remedies for fighting fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Think: apple cider vinegar, matcha, ginger, and turmeric to name a few.

Keep reading to discover your new favorite flavorful drink.

Drink ginger to sharpen your brain and beat stress
Ginger has benefits beyond flavoring your favorite stir-fry recipe or easing an upset stomach. This powerhouse plant contains 14 unique bioactive compounds and antioxidant properties. These compounds have been found to sharpen cognitive functionTrusted Source in middle-aged women and may even protect the brain, per a study in ratsTrusted Source, against oxidative stress-related damage.

Animal studies have also indicated that ginger can influence serotonin levelsTrusted Source and may treat and reduce anxiety as successfully as benzodiazepine drugs.

Ginger benefits:
improved brain function
antioxidant support
treatment for stress
Try it: Brew this healthy ginger tonic (hot or cold) for a dose of powerful antioxidants. Fresh ginger is the way to go, but if you’re planning on supplementing, recommended doses vary.

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